Secure and safe farm-raising yellowtail and distribution which are grown in Amakusa sea

What's HACCP?


Many of us have no idea what it really means. This system was formulated in America in the space development years which were around the1960s. This is the concept of quality management of space food to attempt to create as close as zero hazards (such as food poisoning or tampering of food) at the production stage. The cooking ingredients of any foods at the production stage, especially raw food such as seafood is potentially hazardous. This system is to prevent illness or food poisoning which is caused by people who eat fish with such typical hazards. Our company implemented this system quickly as “self-awareness” while we were exporting to USA. However, in order to certain HACCP system, we have been recognized by SGS SA (Independent approval organization) since November 2000. Also, this system has strict standards rather than Food Sanitation Law which was established by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and review is taken place every 6 months to renew the recognition.

Certified as marine food handling facility for exporting to the EU!!

Our company has been certified a marine food handling facility for exporting to the EU on 10th of June 2003. This certification is to be certified by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare by setting up the strict standards for the construction and hygiene management of the facilities based on the handling procedures established between Japan and Europe. This certification was issued 19th within the country and it was the first time to be certified as a fresh marine products exporting company in the private sector. The criteria is very strict more so than for exporting to America and in fact, the criteria set for this certification will be the most strict criteria you can get in the world. All our products are manufactured based on these criteria.
We will maintain a high standard as a certified facility for exporting to the EU. All employees from processing/farm-raising department have committed to work entirely to deliver the safest possible products.

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